Monday, October 19


Customised Wedding Portrait Customised Wedding Portrait

A few months ago one of my best friends got married and I decided, as my wedding gift, to paint a portrait of the bride and groom.  They love displaying photos from special events in their home and I knew it would fit in nicely with that concept.  I kept the picture I chose a secret and gave the finished portrait to them in a box frame.  Personalised portraits are so personal and a really great and thoughtful gift.  If you are interested in ordering one you can email me at

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Tuesday, June 23


Personalised Name Painting Personalised Name Painting

A painting I did for my friends sweet baby. It's actually been a few years since I promised I'd paint something for her, but now that a baby is involved I had to step up my game and deliver. I used watercolours and pigment liner for this piece and I think it's just perfect for a little girl's bedroom. 

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Monday, February 23


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Without inspiration I am like an empty shell. Sometimes I go for long times without really getting inspired. I become numb. Sometimes it's a piece of music that rocks my senses, sometimes it's a film, a book, a poem, a photograph or a painting. Sometimes it's something that someone says to me. Sometimes I get inspiration from the way I feel inside or what I see around me in the world. It can be anything. But there's always something that drags me out of my numbness and lifts my mind into a whirlwind of ideas that I can hardly keep up with. So for me, the best thing to do is to actively source inspiration. Not just when my tank is running on empty, but on a regular basis, to keep up momentum. It's a good feeling to be inspired. 

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Friday, February 13



I love Valentine's Day. I'm a single lady so tomorrow I'm not expecting flowers, cards or big romantic gestures but I am expecting to spend the day with my family sharing meals and our time together. I love that there's a day that reminds people to tell their loved ones they are appreciated and loved but I'm not a fan of the consumerism surrounding it.

I also think self love is just as important as loving others. It's such a good thing to appreciate yourself and treat yourself once in a while. And it's also important to make time in your days to do things you enjoy. I firmly believe that people who make an effort to fill their time doing things they love will be happier. 

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